Presentation: Welcome To Product Management… Hope You Survive The Experience!

Thing speaks for every PM at one point or another in their career

Startup Product invited me to speak at an event in Cambridge last night, hosted by Leaf. Based on my experience, Startup Product really cares about exploring and understanding what it takes to make great products and sustainable businesses. Watch for an event near you!

Here’s my presentation:

Presentation Description: Product Managers live in the nexus of business, technology, and design — and the resulting tension can harm the PM, the products, and the business if left unchecked. This presentation focuses on how the strategies product people use to understand markets, customers, and users can also be utilized to successfully navigate life inside the workplace.

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Last night, I really wanted to show that famous sequence from the first Indiana Jones film, where Indy escapes the giant boulder, because it’s applicable to the presentation topic and just so much fun to watch. There wasn’t time last night to play the video, but here’s that sequence for your viewing pleasure:

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