Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition

I’m thankful to be recognized for offering something unique in the market with this blog. Please check out these lists — and if you like what you see, let them know!

16 Product Management Blogs To Start Your Day Right

Ray Slater Berry at Chameleon put together the product leader’s perfect morning routine – a reading plan to help educate and inspire. I truly appreciate what he said about Product Management Meets Pop Culture:

Perhaps one of the best product management blogs on the market. Here’s why. There’s nothing quite like it. How Christopher Cummings manages to link Optimus Prime, He-Man, or Santa to product management is beyond us, but our hats are officially off and eaten in awe. Must read: The Rebirth of Optimus Prime in Transformers Shows How Product Managers Can Scale Themselves

– Ray Slater Berry, Chameleon

100 Product Management Blogs You Should Follow In 2023

Timoté Geimer from consulting agency Dualoop included me at #9 in their top 100 list of blogs for product managers and aspiring product managers.

What better way to learn more about product management than pop culture? Chris Cummings dives into product management topics by illustrating them in a fun and creative way. He offers insights, practical advice, and tips in a fun, witty, entertaining, and imaginative way. Improve your product management by learning through Marvel comics, music, and movies. Make sure also to check his podcast and interviews with product managers on his website.

– Timoté Geimer, Dualoop

10 Blogs Every Product Maker Should Pin

Inc42 covers India’s startup ecosystem and put together 10 blogs they said are perfect for product leaders. Tarika Sethia at Inc42 honed right in on what I’m trying to do here:

When jargons fill your head and make you question your decision to read, you need to stop right there and make a quick jump to ‘Product Management Meets Pop Culture’. In 2021, with a lower concentration and higher distraction frequency, it’s fun to understand business and product strategies when correlated with your favourite comics or characters. Chris Cummings shares practical insights by interlinking them with pop culture analogies. Imagine getting ‘Pricing Advice from Doctor Doom’ or reading Archie’s comics and understanding a product manager’s behaviour. Sounds fun, right? So, head on to the blog and admire the amazing work done by Chris. 

– Tarika Sethia, Inc42

50 Product Management Blogs & Publications Product Managers Love To Read

To help parse the volume of PM writing out there, Roadmunk organized their list into multiple categories ranging from classics to communities, influencers, and of course my favorite of Misc.

Boston-based product manager Christopher Cummings uses analogies to Pokémon, Batman, and a range of fun pop culture touchpoints to explore important (and sometimes complicated) PM topics. A must-read for comic-book fans. A fun read for everyone.

– Roadmunk

6 Blogs All Product and IT Specialists Should Add to Their Reading List

Mark Silver works in product management at San Francisco-based user adoption platform WalkMe.

Chris Cummings’ wittiness and humor permeate his articles on his creative and informative blog, which utilizes pop culture references in order to demonstrate the role of a product manager and all that it entails. Chris’s goal is to provide useful tips and suggestions along with outline and identify the key responsibilities required of product managers on a daily basis.

– Mark Silver, SpecTechular

Thinkers Blogs for Product Managers

Entrepreneur Daniel Trahtemberg included me in his “incomplete list of the best thinkers, influencers and group blogs for product managers.”

Best Product  Marketing Blogs

Abelino Silva at Fact Bites put together a top 8 list of blogs to help you effectively develop positioning, messaging and competitive differentiation. Product Management Meets Pop Culture is currently #5 in the ranking.