Gamification and Product Management

ProdMgmt Talk is a weekly Twitter event where product management professionals lead discussions on a particular topic via the #prodmgmttalk hashtag. I recently guest-starred on a talk about a topic near and dear to my heart: gamification. Topics included…

  • Which companies have you observed tapping into people’s everyday activities to enable new levels of user engagement?
  • Have you had discussions about integrating gamification into your own products or marketing plans?
  • How do you decide which game mechanics are right for your products or services?

Check out the transcript here or share your thoughts below.

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Why The Gamification Of Everything Is A Bad Thing

“Gameification” is a hot topic right now. From business to health care to life itself, the idea of using the techniques of game design (especially meta game design) to get consumers more interested in non-game products and services has taken on a life of its own.

Image source: Gameify

It’s easy to see why. Good games are highly engaging, with the potential of helping you connect with players in meaningful and lucrative ways.

But the gamification of everything is a bad thing.

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