Meeting Management Lessons From "The Great Yokai War"

Yesterday we summarized “The Great Yokai War” In 10 Screencaps Or Less™. Today, we extract a product management lesson from the strangest, most violent children’s film I’ve ever seen.

Once the young hero of the film, Tadashi, and a handful of Yokai understand the menace threatening them all, they convene a meeting with the other Yokai to enlist their aid.

Inviting the right people to the meeting is crucial

Together, it is argued, they have a chance of winning. Separately, their chances of even just surviving are close to nil. The Yokai hem and haw and eventually reject Tadashi’s offer. How could Tadashi have run this meeting more effectively and maybe ended in his favor?

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"The Great Yokai War" In 10 Screencaps Or Less

The Great Yokai War” is a 2005 Japanese children’s film about a young boy who discovers a hidden world that threatens to destroy Tokyo and all humanity. Let’s look at “The Great Yokai War”… In 10 Screencaps Or Less!™

Key plotpoints of this film are pictured below. You have been warned!

A young boy named Tadashi moves to a small town after the divorce of his parents. During a local festival, Tadashi is crowned that year’s “Kirin Rider,” the defender of all children from evil spirits. Much to Tadashi’s surprise, this is not an honorary title. Soon, he’s befriending cuddly Yokai (spirits) like Sunekosuri, and even brandishing the mystical sword of the Kirin Rider.

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