Video: The Only Product Metric That Matters

Josh Elman defines the one metric that matters based on his experience at LinkedIn, Twitter, and the many startups he works with as a Partner at Greylock Ventures.

Are People Using Your Product?

Sounds like a simple question, but the answer can be really complex — like how scientists still debate what, exactly, keeps bicycles upright.

Fortunately, Josh Elman, a current Partner at Greylock Ventures and formerly of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, gives us a framework to understand the question — the product question, not the bike question — so we can answer logically in a way that pertains to our individual products.

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Prevent Good Metrics From Going Bad

Jeremy Horn from The Product Guy blog graciously invited me to guest post this week. The topic is dealing with the human factor as it relates to measuring product performance.

It’s nearly always a mistake to ignore the Human Factor.
Image source: “Durarara” via Crunchyroll

Because while many great discussions about metrics in product management do a thorough job of looking at metrics from an objective, logical point of view, they remain silent on the consumption of those metrics and the behavioral reaction to those metrics.

And if humans are involved in that process, that’s a big mistake.

Read my guest post which includes three tips on avoiding the misuse of metrics.

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