Sometimes, Hate Helps

I love my iPhone. But I hate rearranging its applications by dragging them into place, one by one, with my finger. It’s slow, tedious, and difficult to do across multiple screen instances.

Today, Apple announced a fix that will let me do that kind of work in iTunes instead. But instead of talking about the importance of usability in a product, which should be pretty obvious, let’s talk about the importance of hate, which might be less obvious but an important competitive advantage.

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Product Managers: Do You Have A Moral Code?

Yesterday: We recapped Ghost Rider #35 “Deathrace” … in 10 Panels Or Less™.

Today: We’re using this story recap as a springboard into this week’s topic: In product management, do the ends justify the means? Do we need a moral code?

Disclaimer! Not all ethics quandaries can be resolved with hellfire.

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