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Bonus Content! 12 Star Wars Posters You’ve Never Seen Before

When I went out to Barnes & Noble to purchase Predictably Irrational for the Product Manager’s Book Club, I couldn’t help but notice The Star Wars Poster Book–and buy it immediately.

Next Week: We’re going to review Predictably Irrational.

Today: We’re going to look at some rare and AMAZING Star Wars posters, starting with:

Artist: Witold Dybowski (1984) Polish movie poster promoting Return of the Jedi. Useless fact: Because of civil unrest in Poland, Dybowski didn’t get to actually see Return of the Jedi until three years after its release.

Artist: Tsuneo Sanda (1997) Boba Fett poster for the Official Star Wars Fan Club. Larger version on Flickr.

Artist: Bill Selby (1978) Limited-edition retail poster for Factoids Etc.

Artist: Ralph McQuarrie (1978) Charter members of the Official Star Wars Club received this piece, painted by the famed concept artist.

Artist: Noriyoshi Ohrai (1982) Created to promote the dubbed re-release of A New Hope in Japan.

Artist: Boris Vallejo (1980) Part of a series of three posters designed to promote The Empire Strikes Back. Distributed via Burger Chef, among other retailers.

Artist: Howard Chaykin (1976) Created to generate buzz about A New Hope, a year ahead of the film’s release.

Artist: Tom Chantrell (1978) This “Style C” one-sheet was used to promote A New Hope in Hong Kong. Love the composition.

Artist: Tom Jung (1980) This “Style B” one-sheet was used to promote Empire Strikes Back in Hong Kong. Creepy! (You might be expecting to see the Hong Kong version of Return of the Jedi next; I’m skipping it, because it’s pretty pedestrian. But you can see it here.)

Artist: Papuzza (1977) I love these international posters. This one-sheet, from Italy, clearly takes a few liberties with the actors’ likenesses.

Artists: Drew Struzan, Charles White III (1978) Lucasfilm re-released A New Hope in the summer 1978, and sought to capitalize on the swashbuckling appeal of the movie. Thus, this “Circus Theatrical One-Sheet”. Struzan handled the people, White handled Vader and the vehicles.

Australia (1983) The featured ingredient in this frozen confection is “Jedi Jelly”. ‘Nuff said.

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