Handling Awkward Conversations As A Product Manager

Things are about to get awkward
Things are about to get awkward.

Saying “no” is a popular topic among Product Managers. Unfortunately the “Just Say No” approach often isn’t enough because it ignores the aftershocks and the complexity of tangled emotions and legitimate business needs underscoring the initial request.

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Sometimes, Hate Helps

I love my iPhone. But I hate rearranging its applications by dragging them into place, one by one, with my finger. It’s slow, tedious, and difficult to do across multiple screen instances.

Today, Apple announced a fix that will let me do that kind of work in iTunes instead. But instead of talking about the importance of usability in a product, which should be pretty obvious, let’s talk about the importance of hate, which might be less obvious but an important competitive advantage.

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Detective Comics #619 In 10 Panels Or Less

Detective Comics #619 is a comic book written by Alan Grant with pencils by Norm Breyfogle. Published by DC Comics in 1990, this key chapter in the transformation of Tim Drake from normal teenager into the new Robin is titled “Rite Of Passage Part Two: Beyond Belief!”. Let’s summarize the book… In 10 Panels Or Less!™

Key plotpoints are pictured below. You have been warned!

In the previous issue, Tim Drake’s parents were kidnapped by the Obeah Man, allegedly the front man for the ‘Caribbean Economic Front’.

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