Detective Comics #619 In 10 Panels Or Less

Detective Comics #619 In 10 Panels Or Less

Detective Comics #619 is a comic book written by Alan Grant with pencils by Norm Breyfogle. Published by DC Comics in 1990, this key chapter in the transformation of Tim Drake from normal teenager into the new Robin is titled “Rite Of Passage Part Two: Beyond Belief!”. Let’s summarize the book… In 10 Panels Or Less!™

Key plotpoints are pictured below. You have been warned!

In the previous issue, Tim Drake’s parents were kidnapped by the Obeah Man, allegedly the front man for the ‘Caribbean Economic Front’.

Obeah Man demands a ransom from Drake Industries for the couple’s safe return. He then murders one of the Drake’s friends on tape to prove he means business.

Batman returns to Wayne Manor to check on Tim. (At this point, Tim has deduced that Bruce Wayne is really Batman, and is staying with him while his parents are missing.)

Batman beats up crooks until he gets the call from Commissioner Gorden. Together, they review the execution tape mailed in by Obeah Man.

Gordon allows Batman to take the original tape to the Batcave for further study.

Batman enhances the tape and spots a jar with a giant centipede inside. While he researches the critter to establish its natural habitat (and, therefore, the location of the Drakes), Tim stumbles upon the tape…

Tim is ready to jump the next Batplane to Haiti. Batman tells him to slow down.

Gordon calls, telling Batman that the ransom call has come in. Batman takes off, leaving Tim and Batman’s trusted adviser Alfred to ponder…

… is tragedy required to transforms boys into Robins?


Tomorrow, we’ll see what Tim’s journey toward Robin-hood can teach us about the ideal background for a product manager.

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