Sometimes, Hate Helps

I love my iPhone. But I hate rearranging its applications by dragging them into place, one by one, with my finger. It’s slow, tedious, and difficult to do across multiple screen instances.

Today, Apple announced a fix that will let me do that kind of work in iTunes instead. But instead of talking about the importance of usability in a product, which should be pretty obvious, let’s talk about the importance of hate, which might be less obvious but an important competitive advantage.

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Product Managers: Don’t Believe The Lies Of Social Media

I like Twitter a lot. But the sustained, unwelcome deluge of Social Media Experts is pushing me dangerously close to a full-on berserker charge. And that’s no good for anyone.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure those guys are immune to adamantium, so I thought we’d do something constructive instead.

See, what’s most insidious about these Social Media Experts isn’t their dubious credentials… it’s the misinformation and lies they bring to the table which people seem overly anxious to accept.

Increasingly, it seems like many companies are blindly chasing social media rather than integrating it appropriately into their long-term planning. They’re seduced by the hype, which is unfortunate since not everything online is what it seems.

For product managers, social media presents a different temptation.

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The Wow Factor, Japanese-Style

As product managers, we talk about the Wow Factor in Kano analysis and requirements writing … but there’s “wow” and then there’s WOW.

Image courtesy: Bandai corporate blog

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam”, Bandai created a 60-foot-tall, in-scale replica of the legendary RX-78 mecha.

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When It Comes To Haunted Hair Extensions, The Experience Is The Product

Yesterday, we recapped the Japanese horror movie Exte: Hair Extensionsin 10 Screencaps Or Less™.

Today, we’re going to use that recap as a springboard into a discussion on the importance of weaving a compelling product experience.

When it comes to Haunted Hair Extensions, even a deviant like Yamazaki
understands the experience is the product

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