The Wow Factor, Japanese-Style

As product managers, we talk about the Wow Factor in Kano analysis and requirements writing … but there’s “wow” and then there’s WOW.

Image courtesy: Bandai corporate blog

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam”, Bandai created a 60-foot-tall, in-scale replica of the legendary RX-78 mecha.

Image courtesy: Danny Choo

As if that’s not impressive enough–and, brother, that’s pretty damn impressiveBandai also included head movements, light-up eyes, random bursts of steam, and mechanical sound effects.

Image courtesy: Pink Tentacle

Check out the movement and other practical effects in this video clip:

Which Begs The Question…

What have you done to surprise & delight your customers lately?

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11 thoughts on “The Wow Factor, Japanese-Style

  1. WOW! Great post Chris.
    You really know when you get the “wow” from a customer, even if they don’t shout out they often “ooh” and “ahh”, or nudge each other. You just know that you’ve turned their world upside down in that moment!

  2. @PuristProductManagement – That’s awesome: When customers find high value in an offering despite its faults, you know you have a good product with loyal customers 🙂

    @Chris – I think the big “WOW!” is really rare. But there are quieter moments that can be just as moving–where you know that a connection has been made, and the customer has fallen in love with your product.

  3. In ourcompetitive world unless we differentiate our product with wow factors there is very less chance to gain customer roylty. It is not just about new technology, functionality, cost and quality but also to help your customer when they need support.

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