Robotech’s #1 Product Management Lesson

Carl Macek — who launched the syndicated animated series Robotech, igniting the 1980s anime boom in North America — passed away last weekend. Today we’re celebrating his legacy, and the vital lesson his most renowned series can teach us.


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The Emotional Power Of Frisbees

Last week’s passing of Fred Morrison, inventor of the Frisbee, unearthed a pretty startling statistic: Not including knockoffs and imitations, over 250 million Frisbees have been sold since 1957.

Given the context, the time period, that’s an amazing number for a plastic airfoil with gyro action.

What can an old toy teach us about value propositions? A lot.

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Career Advice From Captain Lou Albano

Iconic pro-wrestler and entertainer Captain Lou Albano passed away yesterday at the age of 76.

Some will remember him for the rubber bands. The penchant for Hawaiian shirts. The boisterous rants.

But I’ll remember him best for demonstrating what it takes to make it in business…

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