H.G. Wells Chases Jack The Ripper Through Time And Space… In 10 Screencaps Or Less

Time After Time” is a 1979 sci-fi feature film about H.G. Wells traveling across time and space in pursuit of Jack the Ripper. Let’s summarize “Time After Time”… In 10 Screencaps Or Less!™

Key plotpoints of this film are pictured below. You have been warned!

Author H.G. Wells invites his friends over for a dinner party. After supper, one thing leads to another, and he unveils his brand new TIME MACHINE to them.

Unfortunately, one of the dinner guests is actually Jack The Ripper–and the police are hot on his trail.

Jack takes off in H.G.’s fancy new time machine.

Later that night, the time machine returns… without Jack. H.G. summons the courage to follow Jack–TO THE FUTURE! In this case, 1970s San Francisco. H.G. pawns his belongings while Jack gets back to the ripping.

H.G. and Jack confront each other. H.G. tries to appeal to Jack’s reason. But Jack, being a serial killer and all, won’t have it.

H.G. has trouble adapting to The Future because it’s not quite the utopia he expected. However, he does forge a love connection with bank employee Amy Robbins.

Wells takes Amy into the future, where they discover Amy will become Jack’s fifth victim. The horrified couple retreat to the present and try to change the future. Unfortunately, H.G. is quickly arrested as a suspect in the serial killings, leaving Amy passed out on her bed.

Jack kidnaps Amy, and attempts to escape once more in H.G.’s Time Machine.

Jack releases Amy and jumps into the Time Machine. H.G. removes the Vaporizing Equalizer (located somewhat precariously on the exterior of the Machine’s cabin) which causes Jack to disappear into Infinity.

H.G. and Amy return to the past, and live happily ever after.


Tomorrow, we see what “Time After Time” can teach us about product management and strategic partners.

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