Are You An Angry Product Management Buddha?

Marc Maron is a comedian. He has narcissistic tendencies, wears his heart on his sleeve, and co-hosts the Internet talk show Break Room: Live!. He’s an acquired taste, but I enjoy his work immensely.

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A few weeks ago, a BRL viewer was giving Marc grief in the post-show live chat–casting aspersions on BRL’s relevance and authenticity–and Marc’s reaction to this person got me thinking (a dangerous past time, I know).

Here’s A Clip Of The Exchange

Note: The following video clip features adult language. If you find adult language objectionable, please don’t listen. A sanitized version of Marc’s response is below.

The Clean Version Of Marc’s Statement

Relevance is weighed upon your behavior in the immediate community and situation that you are in. You can change lives one at a time just by being a decent, compassionate person. […] You people are irrelevant because you think you know everything and you’re just control freaks who sit in your house like buddhas–angry buddhas–assuming things that you don’t understand because you’re not human enough to reach out to other people.”

I Know This Isn’t You…

… but do you know someone, or some company, that sometimes assumes too much about their customers?

A know-it-all. That always pretends to know better than anyone else what the customer truly wants?

Does that feeling of superiority creep into their products or internal/external messaging in sneaky, subtle ways?

Because that’s a good way to make yourself irrelevant.

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3 thoughts on “Are You An Angry Product Management Buddha?

  1. I’ve known plenty of people like this over the years (not just PMs)… tiring to deal with…

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