Torchwood "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" … In 10 Screencaps Or Less

Today: We’re recapping “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”, the second season opener of the British scifi series Torchwood… in 10 Panels Or Less™.

Tomorrow: We’ll use this story recap as a springboard into this week’s topic: Handling stress as a product manager.

Key plot points from this episode of Torchwood (guest-starring James Marsters) are pictured herein. You have been warned!

A coked-up alien Blowfish steals a sports car and then takes a human family hostage. The Torchwood team saves the day, thanks to the timely intervention of their ’til-then missing leader Captain Jack Harkness.

While the team struggles with the reintegration of Jack into their lives, Jack receives a surprise hologram voicemail from an ex-partner/ex-lover Captain John Hart…

… who’s in town, murdering people and causing trouble. All to get Jack’s attention.

See, John says he needs help finding and disabling three, radioactive cluster bombs. Warily, the team splits into three groups of two. John teams up with Gwen Cooper–and poisons her with venomous lip gloss.

After seemingly killing Jack, John returns to Torchwood’s headquarters, where he steals a pyramid-shaped object from the Blowfish in the morgue — part of the puzzle that John has been trying to piece back together.

Team Torchwood pulls itself back together, and captures John.

John admits that the “bombs” weren’t bombs at all; they were actually part of a map, to the location of the Arcadian diamond hidden by the lover he murdered. Touching the pyramid triggers a hologram of the dead woman, and springs a trap–a real bomb–that attaches itself to John, and starts counting down.

Desperate, John cuffs himself to Gwen, swallows the key, and absconds with her. Gwen is willing to sacrifice herself to stop John. But the Torchwood team has a plan.

Working quickly, they mix blood samples from each member of the team into a single strain; track John down; and inject him with the blood mixture… which confuses the bomb. It detaches from John, and everyone narrowly escapes the resulting explosion.

Captain John agrees to let Gwen go–but, before teleporting to safety, tells Jack that he “found Gray”. Jack is clearly shaken by those words. But what they mean, he ain’t saying. Not yet…


Tomorrow: We’ll use this story recap as a springboard into this week’s topic: Handling stress as a product manager.

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