Celebrating One Year Of Product Management Meets Pop Culture!

Exactly one year ago today, Product Management Meets Pop Culture officially debuted on The Internet with the post What Does A Product Manager Actually Do? — and 105 Posts later, here we are!

105 posts. One hundred. And five. That’s roughly 2.02 posts per week, which exceeds the minimum posting rate I’d set for myself (1 post/week) but falls short of the max I’d set (3 posts/week). That feels like success.

But what’s way more gratifying are the 716 Comments and 3,143 In-Bound Links those posts have generated.

For a blog started to help me muddle through my own thoughts about product management, that’s really gratifying. Astonishing, actually. And I’m thankful for everyone who has shared their thoughts with me here, on Twitter, and across the PM blogosphere.

A year into this, I think I’m just starting to understand this venue and what we can do with it. A handful of posts stand out to me, as examples of PMMPC at its best, most notably…

Win-Loss Analysis Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Season 8 – Where we run through an example of Win/Loss analysis — and demonstrate how Dark Horse Comics lost me as a customer for Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Season 8, something that should have been an impossibility.

Know Who Understands The Strategic Power Of Product Vision Statements? Cobra Commander – Where a ruthless terrorist organization mobilizes product vision statements to successfully rule the world.

The Genius Of Van Halen’s Brown M&M Clause – Where brown M&Ms give product managers a lot to think about.

Beyonce’s Unique Selling Proposition – Where we look at examples of USPs — surprisingly, without being interrupted by Kanye West.

Why Xena Is The Greatest Product Manager Ever – ‘Nuff said.

Thanks for a great year! And here’s to another 365 days of weird hair movies and mistakes we can retroactively laugh at and learn from!

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