It never hurts to get your name and picture in the paper

Well… I didn’t really get my picture anywhere. And we’re talking about me appearing in other people’s blogs and podcasts, not in any newspapers. But those are just implementation details…

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Marketing in the Middle

The always-excellent Jon Gatrell of Spatially Relevant and Pragmatic Marketing specializes in product marketing, product management and branding.

Jon recently started a new wave of marketing-focused interviews, and I was honored to be included.

How are organizations changing to better support the needs of product marketers, product managers and communications teams? How would I design the perfect corporate environment for a successful marketer?

To see me wax philosophical on these topics, please check out my interview at his blog (along with the other keen folks in this series like Steve Johnson, Chris Brogan, and Mike Troiano, among others).

Time Traveling Dinosaurs? Who Would of Thunk it?

The fine folks at Earth Station One invited me to talk on their most recent podcast about one of my favorite TV shows Primeval. They also put me in the Geek Seat for a few minutes and grilled me on topics ranging from my favorite geek out moment to my least-desired geek occupation…

You can listen to the episode here; the page includes show notes for the episode so you can see what was discussed and where it appears in the timeline. (The Geek Seat segment is at 0:20:38 and the Primeval talk begins at 0:29:18).

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