Product Management Joke: The Dream Requirements Doc

Product Management Joke: The Dream Requirements Doc

An anxious Product Manager goes to his therapist and says, “Doctor Silverman, I keep having this same dream, over and over again. I wake up and I know the dream is about a product requirements doc that actually gets read, but I can’t remember what I wrote that made it so compelling to the team. Can you help me?”

“Here’s what I want you to do,” Doctor Silverman says. “Before you go to bed tonight, put a pencil and notepad on your nightstand. When you wake up from the dream, with the memory of it fresh in your mind, write it down.”

That night, the Product Manager follows the instructions perfectly. When he wakes from the dream, he grabs his pencil, jots down a brief note, and then, relieved, turns over and falls fast asleep.

In the morning, the Product Manager can’t remember anything about the dream, but is feeling fine because he knows he has followed Doctor Silverman’s expert advice.

Giddy with anticipation, he grabs his notepad and reads his note to himself:

“Write it down.”

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