75 Resources For Product Managers

75 Resources For Product Managers

Our vaunted Tweet Of The Month™ belongs this time to Sachin Rekhi, founder and CEO of Notejoy, who tweets

Sachin Rekhi: I wanted to share a collection of the top 75+ online resources for product managers that I curated over the years...

In his post, Sachin explains:

I’m often asked what’s the best way for a new product manager to learn the fundamentals of the role or for an experienced product manager to continue to master their craft. Most folks are looking for a pointer to a book or a class they can take on product management, but I always reply with a collection of blog posts from practitioners sharing their best practices. I still believe these remain the very best resources on the topic.

His collection starts with Product Management 101, then explores resources related to vision, strategy, design, and execution. This is a great collection of resources for those just starting out as PMs and those looking to advance in their craft.

The main problem with the collection is the startling dearth of Batman and Buffy The Vampire resources. Otherwise, good stuff.

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