Thanks For Mentioning Me

Thanks For Mentioning Me

Two different blogs mentioned me recently so I wanted to return the favor.

Ray Slater Berry at Chameleon curated a helpful guide to product management blogs, and here’s what he said about mine:

Perhaps one of the best product management blogs on the market. Here’s why. There’s nothing quite like it. How Christopher Cummings manages to link Optimus Prime, He-Man, or Santa to product management is beyond us, but our hats are officially off and eaten in awe.

– Ray Slater Berry, 16 Product Management Blogs To Start Your Day Right

Check out 16 Product Management Blogs To Start Your Day Right to see the full list. Want insight into how to become an inspirational product leader? Check out Ray’s other article What is Product Leadership? Your Go-To Guide for Inspiration.

On LinkedIn, Narek Khachatryan included me in his list of 13 people to follow on LinkedIn if you’re a Product Manager.

I don’t know Ray or Narek. If you check out either list, I wouldn’t even pretend that I belong in either group! But it’s great to know that what I do is appreciated. Please check out their work, and if you like what you see, let them know.

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