Shameless Self-Promotion: Introducing EngageOne Communicate

Shameless Self-Promotion: Introducing EngageOne Communicate

Earlier this month, we launched EngageOne Communicate, a cloud-based digital engagement platform that enables business users and technical specialists to easily collaborate in the design, personalization, and delivery of digital experiences across email, SMS, interactive video and chatbots, and then measure the results. (Say that three times, fast.)

Catching A Breather

As product manager for Communicate, it’s been a whirlwind experience… from managing early adopter input to processing feedback from internal stakeholders and external sources. Below are two items I wanted to note.

Positive Early Market Feedback

If you get the opportunity to interact with analysts and reporters, do it — to help in your go-to-market efforts and to increase your confidence & ability speaking with different types of stakeholders. (I’ll write more about this topic in the future.) As far as this specific launch is concerned, here are some highlights:

Kaspar Roos, founder and CEO of Aspire, a consulting firm focused on the CCM and Digital Customer Experience industries, says: “Precisely’s EngageOne Communicate platform is the industry’s first unified SaaS platform to combine CCM, interactive, personalized video and chatbot functionality. It’s an exciting and strong move for the company to offer business users an integrated self-service platform that enables them to transform their print and document communications into media-rich, digital experiences.”

We picked up good press from a variety of journalists who focus on our space including but not limited to:

  • 360 Magazine: Precisely offers EngageOne Communicate to personalize omnichannel digital experiences
  • The Fast Mode: Precisely Delivers Unified SaaS Platform for Customer Engagement
  • AI Tech Market: Data Integrity Software Precisely Delivers Unified SaaS Platform

“We’re not asking you to do this because you’re a radio personality…”

Product Managers are often the “face” of the product, representing the product and the team to internal and external stakeholders. But this is the first time I’ve been the “voice” of a product:

I’ve presented in person and on webinars, but this was a different experience, and oddly intimidating. I mean, I’m many things – but a VoiceOver artist is definitely not one of them.

And that was actually a good thing. As our marketing VP explained to me, “We’re not asking you to do this because you’re a radio personality; we’re asking you to do this because you can talk naturally about things that are difficult for normal people to understand.” (I took that as a compliment.)

Once the dust has settled a bit, I’ll come back with some things I’ve learned from this launch, including pricing principles and speaking with reporters.

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