The Product Management Meets Pop Culture Podcast connects you with today’s thought leaders in product management. No. No, wait. That’s Product Management Pulse.

For better or worse, Product Management Meets Pop Culture Podcast is something else entirely.

In this companion piece to the world-famous PMMPC blog, we use movies, music, and other pop culture ephemera to illustrate product management lessons that anyone can start using immediately — all in 10 minutes or less.

This product management podcast is fast and playful, with insights into today’s trends and best practices. And your feedback is always welcome.

You can listen to it here on the site or downloads the audio files through…

Show notes for each episode are available here…

  • Episode #10 – Public speaking advice culled from the horror parody film STAN HELSING.
  • Episode #9 – RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE 3D, the cultural importance of zombies, and the three-letter question that will help Product Managers achieve clarity.
  • Episode #8 – DURARARA, Crunchyroll, and Dan Ariely’s thoughts about the psychological effects of options pricing.
  • Episode #7 – IRON MAN 2; and the similarities between Tony Stark, Frank Perdue, and you.
  • Episode #6 – PLASTIC BEACH; and how a product manager could help Gorillaz think through their next album.
  • Episode #5 – FREAKS; what Facebook and Google really think about your privacy; a product manager’s role in online privacy matters.
  • Episode #4 – Special Valentine’s Day show: PLANET HULK; Frisbees; emotional value propositions in b2b; poetry.
  • Episode #3 – The Xbox Live Arcade game SHADOW COMPLEX; the new book WIRED TO CARE: how customer empathy can help drive your business forward.
  • Episode #2 – The supernatural thriller LEGION; Minimum Viable Products; a new strategy for developing Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Episode #1 – First (and worst) episode!

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