Doctor Who "Time Squad" Office Toys

We at “Product Management Meets Pop Culture” humbly suggest you spruce up your office environment this spring with Doctor Who: Time Squad office toys…

According to the solicitation: “Doctor Who: Time Squad will star the Doctor, along with many other familiar characters, enemies and monsters, in a cute and collectible super-deformed mini-figure format.”

(Yes, I just pre-ordered mine. And, yes, I know where each one will be placed, strategically, on my desk.)

Thanks to Jay Cochran at Toy News International for the tip.

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who "Time Squad" Office Toys

  1. I want to see the blueprint for where these guys are going. Are you grouping enemies by series, species, or threat-level?

  2. Good question. Plans are subject to change but I’m currently thinking of organizing mainly by character appropriateness to desk tool. For example, the Ood with the communicator sphere will go by the phone; the Cyberman will go next to the laptop; the Weeping Angel next to my calender, etc.

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