Star Wars: R2-D2 Kicks Butt, Takes Names

Today: We’re summarizing Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Duel of the Droids”… in 10 Screencaps Or Less™.

Tomorrow: We’ll use this story summary as a springboard into a discussion on how to tell if your customers are lying to you. (Cue the suspenseful music swelling in background!)

Key plotpoints are pictured below. You have been warned!

Duel of the Droids” is episode #7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In the previous episode, the brave lil’ droid R2-D2 was captured by agents of the evil General Grievous.

Now, Anakin Skywalker and his Jedi apprentice Ahsoka–along with their new droid, Goldie–attempt to rescue R2 before it’s too late.

The vile scavenger Gha Nachkt dissects R2 and starts to reveal the droid’s secrets to General Grievous. Gha Nachkt requests a larger fee for his work, and General Grievous stabs Gha Nachkt in the back.

Anakin & co. attack Grievous’ headquarters. Anakin and Ahsoka split up. Goldie sneaks away and communicates the Jedis’ plans to Grievous.

Anakin rescues R2–and then R2 returns the favor.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka battles General Grievous one-on-one. Ahsoka escapes–and Goldie reveals her hiding spot! Bad droid!

Ahsoka is tougher than she looks–she escapes Grievous’ clutches, dealing him great damage in the process. As Anakin and the others destroy the base, Grievous flees…

… while Goldie sneaks up on R2, who is trying to open the hangar bay doors so his friends can escape the exploding base.

The heinous Goldie rams into R2, and the two droids fight. When the evil droid falls off the catwalk, he fires a towline at R2 and tries to pull R2 down with him!

R2 cuts the cable loose, and Goldie falls to his doom. Anakin saves R2 and then reports into Obi-Wan who can’t believe all the risks Skywalker took to save a single droid. But Anakin has no regrets: R2 is more than a droid; he’s a friend.


Tomorrow: We’ll use this story summary as a springboard into a discussion on how to tell if your customers–much like Goldie– are lying to you.

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