Happy 2nd Anniversary, Product Management Meets Pop Culture!

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Product Management Meets Pop Culture!

Batman skipping along with a shiny red balloon?

That can only mean one thing…

It’s our birthday!

In our second year at PMMPC, we started up two major initiatives. The first was a continuing series of interviews with Product Managers from various industries and countries.

So let’s start by thanking the many wonderful product management professionals who took time from their own busy schedules to share some of their personal histories and thoughts about product management, including:

  • Carl Knibbs – Product Director and co-founder of Lovemoney.com.
  • David Hudson – Senior Director of Product Management/Product Strategy at CrownPeak Technology
  • Sally Duda – Product Manager for a privately-held b2b software and services company.
  • David Locke – A veteran PM and clear-headed consultant.
  • Jim Holland – A guiding light of the product management tribe found on Twitter.
  • Saeed Khan – Whom you’ll know from the excellent “On Product Management” blog.

The other big project that began this year was our product management podcast!

So far, we’ve recorded 9 episodes — and each one has been a learning experience for me, and hopefully an entertaining and/or illuminating experience for everyone listening.

A couple people have asked me, “Isn’t writing a blog enough? Why the podcast?”

They do have a point: It takes a lot longer to create the podcasts because each one involves not just writing, but also doing voice work, finding and producing audio clips for the review segments, and then editing it all together into a finished product. So why the podcast?

Like the blog itself, the podcast originated as a way to help me help myself (and hopefully help others, too).

Not long ago, I took the mic at a very large meeting and the sound of hearing my own voice broadcast back to me was… disconcerting. This podcast is giving me a chance to get accustomed to the sound of my voice and, hopefully, develop it further.

Also: it’s a lot of fun!

Thanks for visiting PMMPC — and here’s to another great year of product management!

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4 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Anniversary, Product Management Meets Pop Culture!

  1. Happy 2nd blogaversary!! I had no idea that one of your podcast goals was to help you develop your voice. Brilliant idea. ^_^

    I have mixed feelings about podcasts. Yes, they add depth to a site, but most podcasts don’t provide transcriptions. This leaves deaf readers out of the loop. Also affected are those who may be reading from library computers, which often don’t include speakers.

    Here’s a blog post (written by a deaf woman) that discusses podcast transcriptions for the deaf. http://www.stonedeafpilots.com/?p=6

  2. Thanks, Mira, Josh & DB!

    Mira, I’ve thought about transcribing some episodes but just don’t have the resources at this time (since this is a hobby…). I hope the show notes help, so that way people can at least check out the source material.

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