Top 5 Product Management Posts Of 2010

The end of 2010 is only hours away! Before time runs out, let’s look at five of 2010’s product management posts that I found most remarkable/insightful/worth doing a “save as” on.

Standard disclaimer for this kind of list: We’re only scratching the surface of the PM wisdom percolating online this year, but great reading nonetheless.

Top 5 Product Management Posts Of 2010

The Essential Parts of Product Management
Where the Product Management Tribe Gathers
When is a Jeep not a Jeep? Without an owner and champion who resides in product management, you may assemble all the right parts… just not in the right way.

Should Your Startup Take on the Big Guns?
Rocket Watcher
The reasons against might be are obvious. But there are compelling reasons to consider driving right at them…

Good, Bad, and Ugly Ways to Bring In the Release Date
Agile Product and Project Management Blog
Yes, you could just pressure engineering into slashing its estimates, but there are better ways to reign in that date.

Wesabe Co-founder Explains Why They Lost To Mint, Blames Himself
The former CEO takes the blame, but also counters some reasons cited for Wesabe’s doom. Fascinating stuff.

6 Approaches to Market Research Without an Analyst Budget
Spatially Relevant
Six smart ways to leverage online resources to round out your understanding of markets and help dig through the clutter of information available online.

What Were Your Favorites?

Narrowing this list down from the dozens, if not hundreds, of articles I’ve read this year wasn’t easy… and I’m sure I missed some you found insightful. So now it’s your turn: What were your favorite product management posts from 2010?

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