Tweet of the Month @rohinivibha

Rohini Vibha, Product Manager at Livefyre, tweets: So you want to manage a product? @Medium post on what no one tells you about #productmanagement…


Her entire story is a good one.

So you should read her whole post.

My favorite part, though, is this realization:

After three years of PM’ing at a big company and a startup, I’ve realized that those passions I stated during my first product management interview — deeply understanding other humans, removing pain from people’s lives, writing, field-research, finding patterns and trends in data, designing for humans — were exactly what my interviewers were looking for, because that’s what it takes to be a successful PM.

When you boil product management down to its essence, that’s what this discipline is really about. If only she had included something about Xena, it would’ve been perfect 😉

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