Product Management Joke: Celebrating The Product Launch

Product Management Joke: Celebrating The Product Launch
Flowers from a super hero themed wedding at Montage.

A new Product Manager successfully launches his first product, and his friends John and Janet decide to send him flowers to celebrate the occasion. Smiling, they arrive at his cubicle, bouquet in hand.

“Thank you!” he says as he accepts their gift. He sees an note attached to the bouquet and grins. As he reads the note, however, a puzzled looks comes over his face.

“What’s wrong?” John asks.

The PM reads the card aloud: “Rest in peace.”

“Oh no!” Janet says. “This is a horrible mistake. I’m going to call the florist and give him a piece of my mind.”

Janet rings up the florist and explains the situation.

When Janet’s tirade is over, the florist sighs heavily. “Ma’am,” he says, “I am truly very sorry for this mistake, and we will refund your money. But rather than getting angry at me, please consider this: Somewhere there is a funeral taking place, and they have flowers with a note that says, ‘Congratulations on this achievement — you truly deserve it!'”

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