Omega Supreme: Not Impressed With Your Analysis

Omega Supreme: Not Impressed With Your  Analysis

Omega Supreme and your stakeholders share one thing in common: The ability to spark fear and panic into product managers who face off against them. The other trait they likely share: No patience for fact-free analysis. So before entering the fray, make sure you have data to support your narrative.

Check out Shopify’s product management blog for insights on how to make data-driven product decisions. Product School has a curated list of product management software to help you capture, process, and utilize various data points in your planning and execution.


Check out Transformers Vol 1 #19 (August 1986) for the story I clipped today’s panels from.

“The Junction of Your Destruction”

Learn more about the Autobots’ last line of defense in this video by Chris McFeely:

The Basics of Omega Supreme

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