"The Blob" In 10 Screencaps Or Less

The Blob” is a 1958 sci-fi film starring Steve McQueen and Aneta Corsaut as lovestruck teens who discover a gooey alien threat to Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Let’s summarize “The Blob”… In 10 Screencaps Or Less!™

Key plotpoints of this film are pictured below. You have been warned!

The movie opens with a kooky theme song that completely mischaracterizes the story to follow. On the other hand, it is quite catchy.

Steve Andrews (McQueen) and Jane Martin (Corsaut) spot something crash down near Steve’s favorite buss stop.

Meanwhile, an old man discovers the strange meteor near his house and decides the best course of action is to poke it with a stick. The Blob breaks out, crawls up the stick, and attaches itself to the old man’s hand.

Hysterical, the old man runs onto the road and is almost run down by Steve and Jane. They bring him to the town doc, and are shocked to find that the goo on the old man’s arm is GROWING.

The Blob completely envelops and EATS the old man, the doc, and everything else in its path. Eventually, it corners Steve and Jane in a downtown meat locker. The Blob refuses to enter the locker…

… and attacks the local movie theater instead.

Jane’s younger brother tries to stop the (by now) GINORMOUS Blob with his toy gun…

… which leads to Jane, Steve, and the lil’ kid getting trapped in a nearby diner.

Steve fends off the encroaching Blob with a fire extinguisher, which leads to the discovery that the Blob hates the cold. Steve relays this info to the police, and soon the people of Downingtown band together to take down the Blob.

There’s no way to kill the Blob, so the Air Force stuffs it in a giant box and dumps it in the Arctic.

Or, as the final image before the credits puts it:

Tomorrow, we see what “The Blob” can teach us about product management.

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