Firefox Tabs: Colorful Doctor Who Daleks Pattern

Firefox is my browser of choice, and the Colorful Tabs add-on is a nifty little tool that colors every tab a different way, making tabs easy to distinguish while enhancing the aesthetic of the browser itself.

The new version of Colorful Tabs supports a background image for tabs. Good idea. However, their default image is horrific. So I decided to make my own.

Being a big Doctor Who fan, I went with a colorful swatch of Daleks to exterminate that ugly default background image. The end result looks like this:

You can download the Dalek swatch yourself by right-clicking on the image below and selecting “save as” from the resulting menu:

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4 thoughts on “Firefox Tabs: Colorful Doctor Who Daleks Pattern

  1. I love the Daleks but how do I change the background. I am not totally computer dumb just not tech-savvy enough to know how to do this on my own and while after many hours and a few missing patches of hair I might be able to do it, it is probably better to just ask. There is too much holiday stress in my life anyway.

    PS. This will be used as part of a christmas gift for my little sis (she got a new laptop that I am getting setup (because she is not the type who will want to sit there and download firefox and itunes when she unwraps it)) who is equally in love with Doctor Who.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Maria –

    To change the picture…

    1) Install Colorful Tabs from
    2) Restart Firefox
    3) In Firefox, click “Tools” and then click “Add-ons”
    4) In the resulting popup window, click the “Preferences” button below “Colorful Tabs” to launch another (smaller) window
    5) In this new window, check off the option labeled “Enable a background image for tabs” if it’s not already checked off, then click “Browse”
    6) Browse to the location where you saved the Dalek image, select the Dalek image, then click OK
    7) Click OK on the popup window and that’s it!

    Good luck. Hope your sister likes it–and realizes that she has a sister with very good taste πŸ™‚


  3. Hiya, love what you’ve done. They’re fantastic, I’d use them but I have Internet Explorer instead of Firefox πŸ™‚ Thanks for leaving a comment on my Cybershade mask post by the way πŸ˜€

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