Gamesville: We Are The Bob Barkers Of The Internet

I’m the senior product manager for–the web’s first, best, and only place to compete in real-time, massively multiplayer game shows for free cash prizes–and today was a very special day for us.

A local man won big in our Magic 21 game show a few days ago, so we fired up the Gamesville Prize Patrol jeep today and drove down to Andover, MA, to present the real check (and a comically over-sized check) to the lucky winner, live and in person.

The winner, Gil, was very gracious and excited. And by his own admission, the win could not have come at a better time.

Until a few months ago, Gil had been a salesman specializing in selling pagers to businesses. The company laid off many people, including Gil, so he’s currently searching for a new sales position.

If anyone has any job leads for Gil, please contact me at chris at and I will pass them along.

Thanks, everyone. And congratulations, Gil!

For more pictures and an interview with Gil, hop over to the Gamesville Blog.

UPDATE: Check out the The Daily News Tribune’s coverage of Gil’s win, along with a terrific picture of Gil playing Magic 21: Holiday Jackpot: Man wins $4K in Lycos card game

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