Xena: "One Against An Army"… In 10 Screencaps Or Less

Xena is a warrior princess. In the TV episode “One Against An Army”, Xena fights the Persian army while her sidekick Gabrielle lies near death from a poisoned arrow. Let’s summarize “One Against An Army”… In 10 Screencaps Or Less!™

Key plotpoints are pictured below. You have been warned!

Gabrielle is practicing Xena’s famous backflip. Despite Xena’s warnings, Gabrielle tries the move without her staff, and sprains her ankle. While Xena tends to Gabrielle, a messenger warns them Persians are about to attack Athens.

Xena tells the messenger that she will slow the Persians down while the Athenians move into position. Along the way, Xena and Gabrielle meet a soldier named Dorian who claims he fled a battle against the Persians and is seeking redemption.

When the three meet an advance party of Persians, Dorian freezes. Gabrielle tries to help him and is struck down by a poisoned arrow. Xena dresses the wound, but the virulent poison can only be cured with an antidote in a neighboring village.

Suspecting that Dorian is a Persian spy, Xena tells Dorian to leave them and spread the word that the pass at Thermopylae is closed from a landslide. Xena reveals to Gabrielle that she lied to Dorian to draw the Persians into an ambush at Trifolis.

Xena insists that they go get the antidote–miles in the other direction. Gabrielle refuses, because there isn’t time to do that and stop the Persians. Reluctantly, Xena agrees. The two women go to Xena’s old armory at Trifolis to gear up.

That night, Gabrielle has a prophetic dream where the Persians attack and one with a double-edge sword kills Xena. Gabrielle warns Xena… just as the poison causes her to cough up blood. Again, Xena wants to leave and, again, Gabrielle reminds her of the greater good.

The Persians arrive, and Xena battles them all, with assistance from Gabrielle and some boiling oil. Thanks to Gabrielle’s dream, Xena survives the sneak attack by the Persian with the double-edged sword.

Dorian joins the battle. Well, not really. Dorian sneaks into the armory and threatens poor Gabrielle with a knife. When Xena sees Dorian, she is not happy.

Xena slams a poisoned Persian arrow into Dorian, knowing that he will abandon the battle and lead her straight to the antidote.

Xena nicks the antidote from Dorian, then battles the Persians to a standstill. She warns the Persians to leave now, because Greece is filled with thousands of warriors. Just. Like. Her.

The Persians retreat.

Xena gets the antidote to Gabrielle just in time to save her.


Tomorrow, we’ll discuss why Xena is the best product manager ever.

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The original “coming attractions” for this episode. Battle on, Xena!

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