SlideShare! The Successful Product Manager

If you asked me, “What does a successful product manager need to know or do?” and then cracked open my headthis presentation would be the result:

Note: Now that the answer to the above question has been realized, please don’t crack me over the head. It hurts.

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Special Thanks Department

It took me days to compile the images for this presentation, and I had a particularly hellacious time trying to find a single image of the Invisible Woman being heroic, powerful and self-sacrificing. I tweeted about my woes, and BeaucoupKevin rode to the rescue. He’s no “Stan” but he is The Man, nonetheless.

Christopher Cummings

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4 thoughts on “SlideShare! The Successful Product Manager

  1. Christopher: This slideshare is a brilliant combination of concise ideas with innervating visuals. Love it. Makes me feel super-hero-like as a Product Manager, though I’m rarely all the things I should be all of the time. I’m one of those flawed heroes; more Dark Horse than Marvel 🙂

  2. Hi Trevor –

    Thanks for the feedback. Some of these traits are definitely easier said than done. But I think we can do it.

    Given the favorites and views this is getting on slideshare, I’m thinking this could be the first in a series–because there’s a lot more to tell, and so many ways to say it… Any requests, let me know!

    – Chris

  3. This is awesome! I am sharing this with my team. I especially appreciated the “Gives Thanks” slide and the Curious George party invitation. To this point, I think it’s important to celebrate business successes more than product releases. E.g. celebrating that customer support has gone down by 20% due to improved user experience. Nice work!

  4. Thanks, Tabita! Celebrating good results is always a good idea… but, somehow, it tends to be forgotten or maybe overshadowed by the Giant Release that just went out. Maybe it shouldn’t be an either/or; maybe celebrate the release but save the bigger shebang for the results it produces?

    – Chris

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