Haiku: The Italian Anarchist Said It Best

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Everything depends
On what people think they need.
Can you deliver?

Of course, Malatesta would be rolling in his grave to hear his words used in a product management context.

But it’s true — successful products are a) great, b) provide something meaningful to the target audience, and c) deliver on the promise made or implied. (All easier said than done.)

For more on this topic, check out this recent BNET article by Ian Sanders.

Special thanks to @sjohnson717 whose Errico Malatesta quotation inspired today’s haiku.

How About You?

Have you ever tried to sell people something they didn’t know they needed? What was that experience like?

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One thought on “Haiku: The Italian Anarchist Said It Best

  1. that’s not a haiku, it’s just something in three lines arranged in a 575-syllable form that the author mistakenly thinks is required of haiku.

    here’s a haiku, an anarchist haiku–

    the capitalist
    alone in his office . . .
    winter twilight

    here’s something related to a haiku, called a senryu–

    a black cat
    stenciled on the bank door
    spitting mad

    re-expropriating haiku from capitalist exploiters, tenzing

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