Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl… in 10 Screencaps or Less

Today: We’re recapping the unapologetically insane film “Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl”… in 10 Panels Or Less™.

Next time: We’ll use this recap as a springboard into this week’s topic: Dealing with crazy people at work. And probably question our taste in movies.

Key plot points (if you can call them that) are pictured herein. You have been warned!

The film begins with a simple, touching statement:

Which gives way to an insane battle between our protagonists — Monami the Vampire Girl (played by Yukie Kawamura) and her high school sweetheart Mizushima (Takumi Saito) — and three reanimated, battle-ready corpses. Once the frankengirls are (brutally) disposed of…

We flash back to happier times… Like when Monami gives Mizushima a Valentine’s Day chocolate after class. Unfortunately for him, the chocolate has a juicy center filled with Monami’s vampiric blood, and it changes him into a vampire, too.

Now bear with me.

Mizushima is the reluctant boyfriend of Keiko (Eri Otoguro)…

… who is the daughter of the school’s science professor, who just happens to moonlight as a Kabuki-clad Doctor Frankenstein….

… who is kidnapping students, killing them, and trying to reanimate them to little success.

Note: There’s another subplot about wrist-cutting which a) doesn’t fit into this recap and is b) really disturbing; you can read more about it here.

Meanwhile, Monami and Mizushima fall in love.

Keiko and her henchgirls don’t cotten to that, and a skirmish between Keiko and Monami on the roof of the school leaves Keiko accidentally splattered on the quad below.

Of course, by this time time Keiko’s dad has discovered the reanimating qualities of Monami’s blood and uses the blood to bring Keiko back to life.

And thus Frankenstein Girl is born. Or made.

Frankenstein Girl’s first order of business is kidnapping Mizushima and forcing a fight with Monami.

The final battle takes place on top of a fake Eiffel Tower near the high school…

… and Monami takes out Frankenstein Girl with bullets made of her own blood.


Next time: We’ll use this story recap as a springboard into this week’s topic: Dealing with crazy people at work.

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