Introducing Ninja Rally: Ninjas, For Your iPhone & iPod Touch!

Today: Shameless self-promotion as I introduce everyone to my company’s first-ever iPhone game: Ninja Rally.

Tomorrow: We’ll pull back the curtain to look at lessons learned from the development and release of this game.

Ninjas. In Your iPhone.

Gamesville tests your ninja skills in their first game
for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

WALTHAM, MA – May 4, 2009 – Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy ninja assassins. Or, in this case, ninja assassins for your iPhone and iPod Touch. is pleased to announce their first iPhone/iPod game: Ninja Rally. The game is available at the iTunes App Store and can be previewed at:

Two rival schools of ninjas are under attack–and bad blood prevents either side from seeing the true threat. In the midst of it all, true love blossoms between a boy and a girl from the rival schools. Can their forbidden love save the day? Or is doom inescapable?

Game play is simple but fun: Send your ninjas across the battlefield to assault your opponent’s base or to defend against incoming attacks. The longer you can keep your team following the leader, the larger the Ninja Rally effect–and the more damage attacks will inflict.

Ninja Rally includes single-player, multi-player over local wireless, global high scores, and a fully-fleshed out story mode with multiple endings.

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  1. Chris – Shameless promotion for the “new baby” is okay. But don’t post a photo section for the first steps. Congrats!

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