Product Management: The Week On Twitter…

Above: A commission of a Dalek by the amazing Les McClaine. Visit his site at Evil Space Robot.

Now, without further ado, here are the five most interesting things product managers said on Twitter this week…

#5 harryhy: @StewartRogers Yep. PM needs to know “why” and be able to convert it to “what”. Engineering makes it “how”. And marketing presents the “WOW” – Jan 21st
#4 jyamasaki:Take a look at Microsoft patterns & practices team workspace – pic are small, but aplenty – – Jan 19th
#3 leminade: Just read the fedex ketchum flub* – Don’t put anything out there you can’t stand behind, even on twitter. – Jan 22nd
* Editor’s Note: In case you missed the flub as it broke, here’s a recap.
#2 cindyalvarez: Term of the day: “Renaissance idiot” – someone who is intelligent, knowledgeable, but doesn’t follow through or get things done. – Jan 23rd
#1 joshua_d: Product Manager Manifesto? Oath? Something Else? Is It Worth Arguing Over? – – Jan 20th

For advice on how to get the most from Twitter (and ideas on who to follow there) see The Twitter Handbook For Product Managers.

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